HAY DAY: 360 Hug

Hay Day, Supercell’s popular farming game, wanted to celebrate their 5th birthday in a big way, by sending back love to the fan community.
What better way to celebrate than with a big group hug?

Hay Day’s 360 Hug brought together the farm animals in a way fans had never seen before. The 360 experience went instantly viral. 

Working with the Mill was a blast. I mean, look at that bunny. The cuteness.

Sassy cow. Sassy!


To make the hug feel special, we wanted to bring together some of HayDay’s most loyal fans. So we gathered one Hay Day neighborhood from around the world, to meet for the first time. And be the first to be hugged by all the HayDay animals.

We’ve hugged 10 million farmers and counting. The video won 2017 YouTube’s Ad Award for “Your Guilty Pleasure.”